Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Candy stores, Richmond

As I look through the windows, now that the sun is shining and temperature rising the red deers in Richmond Park move from the open fields near Roehampton and Sheen gates to Duchess Wood near White Lodge to find some shadow.
That reminds me that Richmond has a few ghost signs and mosaics, including one I noticed only a few months ago, even though I've been crossing the park and walking down Richmond Hill regularly for about ten years... If you know the place, I'm sure you'll understand why I didn't spot it earlier: the view over the Thames valley is so lovely that you're irresistibly drawn towards it, and you become almost oblivious to what lays behind you. Earlier this year though, the southern gate to the Terrace Gardens was closed for some odd reason so I stayed on the pavement, and that's when I spotted this sign. Or rather signs.

At least two signs have been painted on this wall indeed, but only one is clearly legible today.

The Terrace
Candy Stores
High Class Confectionery
Cigarettes & Tobacco

A closer looks reveals a few letters and one word for the previous, larger, sign(s).


Location: Friars Stile Road / Picture taken on: 07/03/2009

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