Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Plumber, Catford

"Going Rogue" by Sarah Palin isn't a book I'll buy (the thought of a single penny of my money ending in her purse is enough to give me nightmares) but its publication brought back some images of the last Republican campaign for the US presidency: the hockey mum speech, her surreal / hilarious / pathetic / visionary (delete as you wish) answers on her interview by Couric, or the phone call from the Masked Avengers pretending to be Nicolas Sarkozy to mention but a few. And of course, who could have forgotten Joe the Plumber? Certainly most people by now. Still, when a plumber came last week to check our heating, I wondered for a split second whether his name was Joe. Fortunately for him it wasn't. As for the plumber on that ghost sign...? Well, that will remain a mystery...

... & Hot Water Engineer

There was an earlier sign painted on this wall but it isn't possible to read anything.

Location: Catford Road / Picture taken on: 23/07/2009

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