Saturday, 1 May 2010

International Workers' Day, Cienfuegos

So today is International Workers' Day, held in remembrance of the workers who died during the 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago. Throughout most of the world, with the noticeable exception of some Anglo-Saxon countries such as Britain, Canada and the US, millions of working people participate in street demonstrations and marches often organized by labour unions. In Communist countries (at least in the few left) May Day is one of the most important celebrations of the year, marked by parades and mass rallies. In Cuba the largest gathering takes place in Havana on Plaza de la Revolución but rallies are also held throughout the island, including in Cienfuegos, a lovely city known since colonial times as The Pearl of the South.

Viva el 1o de Mayo
Unidos, producitvos y eficientes
[Long Live May 1st
United, Productive and Efficient]

Meanwhile in Shanghai, crowds may be more tempted this year to rush to the World Expo than to attend the military parade and official speeches. Inaugurated yesterday by Chinese president Hu Jintao in the presence of twenty heads of state, including 'Chouchou', it opens to the public today.

Location: Calle 29, Cienfuegos / Picture taken on: 24/03/2010

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