Friday, 1 April 2011

Spencer Maynard, Eastbourne

At least four different signs were painted on this wall at the end of a Victorian terrace in the seaside town of Eastbourne but nowadays only two can be easily identified.
The most obvious one is for furniture dealer Spencer Maynard. Unfortunately I haven't found any information about him. It seems his son Charles Sidney (his other son Sidney Spencer died of influenza in a military hospital in northern France in 1918) took over the family business but experienced some financial difficulties in the late 1920s. In April 1930 the Courts granted him a bankruptcy discharge.
The other sign that can still be seen here is actually a very familiar one. With its off-white letters on a blue background, it promoted:
... Blades

Of the other two signs only a couple of letters can still be spotted here and there.

Spencer Maynard
Modern & Antique
Works of Art. Pianos &
Goods Bought To Any Extent For

Location: Seaside Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex / Picture taken on: 26/03/2011

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