Sunday, 15 May 2011

Goods of various descriptions, Greenwich

The style of the lettering seems to suggest this sign was painted during the Victorian or Edwardian era. Back then, these premises were used by a shoe and boot seller.

Even though the upper part of this ghost sign has badly faded, it is still possible to decipher most of it.

Ladies & Gents
Dress Boots
& Shoes
... [*]
High Leg
Men & Gents
Walking Boots
& Shoes
And Hardwearing
Of Various
Clogs in Great

To be honest, I don't think this sign was particularly well designed. The writer opted to divide the part above the window into three sections, with a thin line in between. As a result some of the words are tightly squeezed while others seems to be floating, and the words "shoes" and "boots" are repeated time and time again. Obviously the addition at a later date of a diamond-shaped decoration along the whole façade of this parade of shops did not help: two-thirds of the final letter of "Hardwearing" disappeared when the three vertical diamonds were inserted, and it separated the words on each side of the lintel above the window from the text underneath them.

*: I wonder if it isn't "Shoes" that is written here.

Location: Trafalgar Road / Pictures taken on: 13/05/2011

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