Monday, 18 June 2012

H. Law, baker, and Memory Makers, Exmouth

To conclude this series of signs and mosaics from southeast Devon, here is a building displaying ghost signs for two, maybe three, completely different businesses, including one with a great name.

This building was originally a bakery, as advertised high up on the gable.


To find out more about hygienic bakeries, please check these earlier posts about Hygienic Bakeries Ltd and Hovis.

The ghost sign on the lower part of this wall is much more recent. Indeed Memory Makers, the photo studio of Julian Francis Bates, is mentioned on several occasions in professional magazines and in Country Life between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s.


This is such a great name, and such a nicely designed sign! The curlicues remind me of ribbons. Did they wrap photo prints with ribbons? Maybe not.

More information about H. Law can be found on the façade of the building.

H. Law
Tea Dealer
Corn Factor

Another ghost sign appears on the wooden part between the ground and first floors.

Oil Fired Heating

This is surrounded by the logos of Shell and of an unidentified company. Did this mean a heating engineer once occupied these premises? If so that would have been after the bakery closed down and before the early 1980s when Memory Makers moved in. Or was this simply some kind of certificate indicating the heating system inside had been installed by a qualified professional and not some kind of rogue trader? Given the small size of this ghost sign, I believe the second option to be right.

Location: South Street, Exmouth, Devon / All pictures taken in April 2012

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Eileen Wright said...

Hi Sebastien. I took some photos of this bakery back in 2009 and wrote an article on my website. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any info about it at the time, until yesterday when I came across your blog article. I've now included some of your information on the article and credited it to you, with a link to this page. Here's the link to my page...
I also added a link to your blog on my Links page, as it's such an amazing blog and deserves to be shared. And here's a link to my website...
Cheers, Eileen. :)