Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cabinet makers, Isleworth

This post was partly rewritten following Howard's comments and to include some postcards from his collection.

Even though the upper part of this ghost sign for a furniture maker and renovator from Isleworth has disappeared, a postcard in Howard's amazing collection of postcards reveals what the missing text was.

The building it is painted on appears on a postcard certainly printed shortly after the opening of the London United Tramways line through Isleworth in 1901. At the time the premises were occupied by a newsagent's. Three hoardings (from the top: unidentified, "Cycle Works", and "Tobacccos") can be seen on the façade.

A few years later these had disappeared, as shown on a postcard printed c. 1907 and kindly provided by Howard. Adverts for Virgo's garage and different brands of tyres had replaced the smaller sign for the cycle works as the number of motor vehicles on the roads increased. At the corner of London Road and Spring Grove, A. Peters's confectionary shop had taken the newsagent's place.

London Road, Isleworth, c. 1907. From Postcards Then and Now

By 1920 the confectionery shop had been replaced by Mr Pearson's shop, which specialised in stamps and philatelic accessories according to The Stamp Collectors' Fortnightly and International Stamp Advertiser. Pearson's was not around for long though. Another postcard from the 1920s, also provided by Howard, shows Stewart's was the new occupier of the premises. Above the door and front windows were adverts for Cadbury's chocolates and several brands of cigarettes.

This postcard is particularly interesting because it also shows the ghost sign I took a picture of and reveals what the missing part was. Originally, given the design of the sign and its position, I had assumed that White & Pointing had been trading at 532, London Road at some point between 1901 and 1920. However I was clearly wrong.

London Road, Isleworth, in the 1920s. From Postcards Then and Now

Looking at the postcard, it is hard to tell where the premises of picture frame and cabinet makers White & Pointing were. Could the unassuming premises immediately to the left of Stewart's have been theirs? A couple of frames are hanging behind the window but that may not be enough to establish a clear link. Additionally, could one of the awnings in the centre of the picture be inscribed with 'Pointing's Stores'? Unfortunately an online search by name, address, or profession did not provide any additional information.

[White and Pointing
Picture Frame
Cabinet Makers
Mirrors Re-silvered
from the postcard

Location: London Road / Pictures taken in December 2012


Howard said...
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Howard said...

Hi Sébastien, I have a 1920s postcard showing the furniture store lettering in situ, but I can't see a way of emailing it to you. It says
'White and Pointing
Picture Frame
& Cabinet Makers
Mirrors Silvered
Furniture Renovated'

Email me via my postcards then and now blog if you'd like a copy. Cheers, Howard

Howard said...
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