Wednesday, 2 January 2013

La Mexicana, Trinidad

To start the new year, here are a couple of pictures more of La Mexicana, the shop from Trinidad, Cuba, where the 'Happy New Year' sign came from. Surprisingly, the pictures were taken in late March, when New Year's Eve was already a distant memory. The sign is just there all year round!

As for La Mexicana, it is a butcher's. However, as this is Cuba, there is only a small amount of meat available at subsidised prices, as indicated on the chalk board above the cash register.

In spite of what was painted on the wooden board, the butcher's was closed when we passed there at around 9:30 am as there was no meat. It did not seem to have had any the previous day either, the last date entered on the chalk board being two days earlier.

Location: Calle Simón Bolivar, Trinidad / Pictures taken in March 2010

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