Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cognac Martell, Saint-Aubin-de-Blaye

Here is a real palimpsest and identifying the different ghost signs was made even trickier when part of this building was demolished. Indeed it extended originally further towards the right (the lower part of the wall can still be seen).

The easiest sign to read, with white letters on a blue background, is for Martell, a brand of Cognac. This Cognac house was founded in 1715 by Jean Martell, a native from Jersey. This makes it one of the oldest ones. It is also one of the largest and, historically, the main competitor of Hennessy.

Cuisines, salles d'eau modernes

St Raphaël

Also visible against the blue background are the words "cuisines, salles d'eau modernes" ("Modern kitchens and bathrooms"). Whether this was for a specific brand or a store remains unknown. Someone may be able to identify what was certainly the logo, a slightly tilting square, to the left of "cuisines."

The part painted in black on the left is equally a mystery.

Less of a problem to identify is a ghost sign for another French alcohol, St Raphaël. Only "St" can still be seen but the style of the letters is characteristic enough to recognise this cinchona-based aperitif.

Finally there was another sign, now to the extreme right, but most of it disappeared when part of the wall was demolished.

Location: D 137, Saint-Aubin-de-Blaye, Gironde / Pictures taken in May 2012

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