Thursday, 27 July 2017

De' Goes Salon, Ubud, Indonesia

Painted Sign for De' Goes Salon or Beauty Parlour in the hamlet of Singakerta, near Ubud, owned by Jero Ketut Sukreni. "Jero" indicates the person (usually a woman) changed caste, usually by marrying someone from a higher caste. As for "Ketut", it reveals this person was the fourth child of the family. According to traditional beliefs, Balinese families should only have three children, whose names reflect their position as the oldest one, the middle one and the last one. Should a fourth child be born, s/he is considered as a "bonus" child and named "Ketut", meaning "Little banana" or "Outer edge of a banana bunch." And if a couple has more than four, the name cycle starts again.

De' Goes Salon
Paket Massage, Facial, Perawatan Rambut, Pelurusan,
Hair Calaoring, Perawatan Kakai & Tangan,
Tata Rias Pengantin, Sanggulan & Make Up
Jual Kosmetik
[De' Goes Salon
Massage Packages, Facial, Hair Care, Hair Straightening,
Hair Colours, Foot and Hand Care,
Bridal Care, Bun & Make-Up]

Location: Br. Katik Lantang, Singakerta, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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