Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lingfield bakery

Without any doubt the prettiest sights in Lingfield are found in the oldest part of this big village in the southeastern corner of Surrey. There, one of the most beautiful alleys in the county, lined with 17th and 18th century cottages, leads to the churchyard and the large perpendicular church of St Peter and St Paul with its fascinating monuments and brasses. Around the churchyard are some more lovely buildings including a 15th century half-timbered hall-house, which now houses the local library, and a large 17th century house built of red brick. If you come from the station, this will be pretty much your first impression of Lingfield. After that, the rest is slightly less impressive, although a few half-timbered and weather-boarded cottages here and there and the old 'cage' by the pond, where petty offenders were detained, are attractive enough. The shopping area, with its Victorian and post-war buildings, is rather disappointing and one could be forgiven for passing through rapidly. However this is where, as far as I'm aware, Lingfield's only painted sign can be found.

Lingfield Bakery
A. G. Finch
Pastrycook & Confectioner
Cakes & Pastry
Every Description
Wedding Cakes
A Speciality

There is still a bakery in the building, but with a different name.

Location: High Street, Lingfield, Surrey / Picture taken on: 10/08/2008

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