Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Manufacturer of boxes, De Beauvoir Town

Like every year, I went this morning to my local post office to send some Christmas presents to friends living in the far south of the American continent. Having a strong parcel, whose shape is adapted to the contents, is one of the keys to a safe delivery. If the box manufacturer below had still been in business, maybe I could have used one of their products. Instead I had to cut an old one, strengthen it, and then seal it tightly with length after length of tape.

Manufacturers Of
Folding Boxes,
Drapers Stock Boxes,
Shirt & Mantle Boxes,
Collapsible Milliners' Boxes,
Parcels Post Boxes,
Postal Tubes,
Stationery Boxes,
Confectionery Boxes,
Round & Oval Boxes.
Boxes Of All Kinds For All Trades

Here is a real palimpsest with at least three layers but apart from
Rosemary Works
I can't make sense of much of it.

Location: Regent's Canal near Bridport Place / Pictures taken on: 06/05/2008

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