Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Obelisk Dairy, Southwark

Enough of alcohol for this week! (if you've missed the beer and aperitif, look at some of the previous posts) It's time for something healthier. What about some milk? As it happens, there is at present a campaign run by the Milk Marketing Forum of trade body Dairy UK and fronted by Pixie Lott and Gordon Ramsay to encourage people to drink more of the white stuff. Last time I went shopping I even got a coupon for a free bottle (first I thought it was thanks to my smile, but then realized it was more certainly linked to the amount I had just spent). Provided you don't have any allergy or digestive problem, milk is now a perfectly healthy drink. Yet that wasn't always the case, as mentioned in a previous post. Especially in cities, people had to put up with poor quality dairy products for decades. Therefore freshness was a key argument to convince customers.

Estd 1810
New Milk
Fresh From The
Twice Daily

That dairy took its name from the obelisk erected in the centre of St George's Circus in 1771. Designed by Robert Mylne, it offered a focal point for the new thoroughfare from Blackfriars Bridge and the other roads radiating from the circus.

Location: Borough Road / Picture taken on: 20/03/2009

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