Monday, 19 April 2010

St Raphaël, l'apéritif au quinquina, Rigny-Ussé

With this cloud of ashes hanging over Britain, France is one of the few foreign destinations that can be easily reached. So once more we head towards the Loire Valley, where upon arrival we could enjoy a glass of St Raphaël, a cinchona-based aperitif.
Invented in 1830 by one doctor Juppet, St Raphaël is made of red or white partly fermented grape juice, in which cinchona bark, bitter orange, vanilla pods, cocoa beans, and different aromatic plants have steeped. Thus St Raphaël is available in both Rouge (Red) or Ambre-Doré (Golden Amber). Once more I can't tell you anything about the taste. There used to be a bottle at my grand-parents' but I never touched it (nor did anyone else as far as I can remember).
Since the company has a neat website in English, there is no need for me to write you much about it (on the 'Cafe waiters saga' page, don't forget to check the 'History and advertising' link to see some of the amazing posters designed for St Raphaëel between 1900 and 2005)

St Raphaël
Rouge - Blanc

Below is a detail of the two garçons or waiters. The one on the left should have been painted black or red. However all traces of colour seem to have vanished.

Actually I really hope these ashes will be blown away from Europe soon because I am supposed to go to Germany in a few days...

Location: Rue Principale, Rigny-Ussé, Indre-et-Loire / Pictures taken on: 28/05/2009

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