Thursday, 16 September 2010

Berger's Magicote, Chiswick

I didn't post anything over the past two weeks partly because I was busy redecorating some rooms, splashing paint on walls, door frames and mouldings. Although I didn't use Berger's Magicote, the sign below is certainly the right one to resume activities on this blog.
The origins of Berger date back to the second half of the eighteenth century and the arrival in London of Louis Amelius Christanus Adolphus Steigenberger from Frankfurt. Ten years later, in 1770, he shortened his name to Lewis Berger. The Friends of the Old Paint Company have assembled a very good website with a detailed history of Berger and the different companies that ultimately formed Berger, Jenson & Nicholson. Simply click on the History link.

One-Coat Paint
The World's Most
Advanced Paint
Wallpapers (Ealing) Ltd

This painted sign, which must date from the 1960s, also included a drawing of two pots of Berger One-Coat Magicote Gloss.
The presence of "Wallpapers (Ealing) Ltd" on the sign is a bit of a mystery. I haven't found much information about the company but it doesn't appear to be linked to Berger or any company it joined forces with. Maybe a DIY shop existed in the building where this sign was painted and it was responsible for this addition?

Update: this ghost sign has now disappeared (July 2011)

Location: Chiswick High Road / Picture taken on: 22/05/2008

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