Thursday, 2 September 2010

Jolly & Son, Bath

Bath's most famous premium department store, Jolly & Son was opened by James Jolly in 1831. Initially called The Bath Emporium and located at 12, Milsom Street, it sold fine silk, furs and ribbons from Paris. Over the following decades the owners bought adjacent premises and by 1903 Jolly & Son stretched from number 7 to 14. The peacock, which was chosen as the trade emblem of this exclusive shop, can be found not only on friezes but also on this beautiful mosaic. Unfortunately it is by an entrance which is closed and used to store the bins.

Jolly & Son Bath Limtd

In 1968 Jolly & Son was acquired by E. Dingles & Co Ltd. Three years later, Dingles became part of the House of Fraser chain. Even though House of Fraser has been rebranding the stores it acquired under its name, the stag hasn't replaced the peacock...

Location: Milsom Street, Bath, Somerset / Pictures taken on 17/07/2010

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