Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bakery and pastry shop, Sangerhausen

The building may have been abandoned for many years but the sign of this bakery and pastry shop is still with us today. Otto Nebel the baker never became as famous as Otto Nebel the expressionist poet, actor, painter and printmaker, and nothing about him or his business seems to be available online. I couldn't even ask locals about that bakery as I didn't see anyone around. The freezing temperatures and the thick layer of ice in the streets may explain why I was alone outside that morning.

Sangerhausen Bakery Bäckerei Ghost Sign
Sangerhausen Bakery Bäckerei Ghost Sign
Otto Nebel

Note the old spelling 'Conditorei' ('pastry shop'). Many words had their 'C' replaced by a more Germanic 'K' from the mid-1920s onwards.
This sign was painted on two occasions at least. The font used for the original version looked far more elaborate as the picture below illustrates.

Sangerhausen Bakery Bäckerei Ghost Sign
Location: corner of Salpetergasse and Töpfersberg, Sangerhausen, Sachsen-Anhalt / Pictures taken on: 23/12/2009


Nutmegger Workshop said...

Great images. I've been making French pastry shop signs ... this language is so interesting, just the letters and words look so graphic. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nutmegger Workshop said...

And I'm German too!