Thursday, 21 October 2010

W. G. Child & Sons, Wandsworth

W. G. Child & Sons, high class tailors, was established as a limited company in 1890 by William George Child. However the family had already been making bespoke suits and garments for around 120 years. W. G. Child chose to settle in Wandsworth for two reasons: the small town and surrounding area were relatively prosperous and there wasn't any other tailoring business targeting wealthier customers around. As the number of customers grew, the decision was taken after a few years to open a second shop in Clapham Junction. This branch remained in business until it was destroyed by a bomb during the Second World War. The shop in Wandsworth was also damaged but was rebuilt after the war. Nowadays the company is managed by the fifth Child generation.
The Child shop is a bit of an oddity, a reminder of the past, in a short High Street filled mostly with cheap shops and greasy-food outlets with tatty frontages.

Location: Wandsworth High Street / Picture taken on: 23/05/2008

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