Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A. H. Dunn, Battersea

After Tonbridge, Guildford and Acton, here is a sign for another bakery associated with Hovis (many more will follow). Sadly it has been damaged by graffiti.

A. H. Dunn
- High Class -
Baker & Confectioner
Maker of

Location: Northcote Road / Picture taken on: 23/05/2008


Carol said...

Great to see the A H Dunn ghost ad on Salcott Road. Must point out, however, that Salcott Road is in BATTERSEA, Wandsworth. NOT Clapham, Lambeth.

The root of the confusion in Clapham Junction station which, despite its name, is also in Battersea, Wandsworth.

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Hi Carol,
Where did you see it was in Clapham? It says Battersea (but not in capital letters) in the title of the post and one of the labels links it to other ghost signs in the Battersea area.