Monday, 7 February 2011

Stop here for the best overalls, and Herman & Watkins, Seven Sisters

A short passageway in northeast London shelters not one but two ghost signs.

Stop Here
For the Best
Printers' Blouses,
... Jackets

The different typefaces, sizes, colours, and simple interwoven lines seem to indicate this particularly attractive sign was designed in the early part of the twentieth century, if not slightly earlier.

A step further down the pasageway is the second, more modern sign. Whether the two are in any way connected is something I haven't found.

Herman & Watkins

Based at 523 Seven Sisters Road, Tottenham, the company is mentioned in a 1938 issue of Chemist and Druggist: The Newsweekly for Pharmacy. In it, it is announced that the partnership between M. Herman and FR. Watkins, manufacturers of toilet and fancy goods under the style of Herman & Watkins, has been dissolved.

A very fine example of manicule pointed customers towards the offices of Herman & Watkins at the back.

Location: Seven Sisters Road / Pictures taken on: 19/10/2010

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