Saturday, 3 December 2011

Redfern's rubber heels, Islington

Dominating the western end of Chapel Market, a (former) working-class street market, in Islington, this large painted sign reminded shoppers, and certainly sellers, that they could have a much more comfortable experience if their shoes were fitted with Redfern's rubber heels.
Compared to other ghost signs promoting Redfern's products posted on this blog, the design of this one is very different. These so far include a barely visible example in New Cross as well as two very neat and well-preserved ones for the company's rubber mats in Wandsworth and its rubber heels in Fulham. The post about the Wandsworth sign includes some information about the company's history.

Make Walking a Pleasure

Location: Grant Street / Picture taken in March 2008


Sam Roberts said...

Here are some more observations on this sign and the time it was revealed after being covered up: Redferns (Islington)

helen said...

Great job at deciphering the name! Some of the are so faded and hard to read.

Nicholas Brewer said...

Yes I agree. The pictures are visually strong and the bringing back of the text adds another dimension.