Monday, 28 June 2010

Nestlé, Criterion, Redfern, and more; New Cross

Like yesterday, here is another palimpsest but at least this one is a bit easier to read.

The most recent sign advertises:
Richest in Cream

Prior to Nestlé, this wall carried an advert for Redfern's, a company far less known that the Swiss multinational but whose painted signs can still be seen in several locations across London. Here only 'Redfern's', slightly above 'Nestlé' has survived. Whether it was rubber heels, mats, or another of the company's rubber goods that was advertised here I don't know.
I shall write a bit about Redfern's Rubber Works tomorrow.

It seems Redfern's used the blue background of the previous sign for:
With the open box of matches, it is similar to those found in Stoke Newington and Kilburn (this one will be for a later post).

That's it for the easy part. Several other signs were painted over time on this wall and I wonder whether one wasn't for Gillette. After all signs for Criterion and Gillette are often found together.
Then just below the 'N' of 'Nestlé' are some words written diagonally. They seem to be:
Greetings ...
School ...

Partly hidden by the 'ILK' of 'Milk' is:
B...e &

Between 'Milk' and 'Richest in Cream' are:
...te and S...

Finally at the same level as 'Richest in Cream' is:
... Talking [?] ...

Location: New Cross Road / Picture taken on: 23/07/2009

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