Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pictorial postcards, Covent Garden

Friends from around the world who visit us often comment that finding nice postcards of London that don't cost an arm and a leg is a bit of a challenge. Were the ones available at this shop any better?


Location: Monmouth Street / Picture taken in March 2008


helen said...

Looks like a nice ghost sign.

Sebastien Ardouin said...

It is indeed Helen, largely thanks to the dividing elements on both sides of the ampersand. Without these it would have been more ordinary. Nicely preserved too.

shelena said...

Nice post and to the letters to the wall. I would like to take this postcards and i want to edit it on photoshop that was my plan right now.

Employment Posters

Sebastien Ardouin said...

As long as it is not a picture posted on this blog you edit Shelena (see conditions of use)