Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Schuhmacher, Aue

Amazingly the façade with its ghost sign was left untouched when this house overlooking the railway tracks in the small industrial town of Aue in the Erzgebirge district of Saxony was renovated.

I doubt that shoes and other leather goods are still being made inside.
Did this ghost sign survive because no work was needed on the façade? Or was it a conscious decision by the owners? After all maybe they wanted to preserve something they considered to be part of their family's history?

Leder - Schuhmacher - Bedarfsartikel

A different typeface, which looks older, was used for 'Leder' ('Leather'). Was it to emphasize that both shoes and other goods were made of leather? Or did 'Schumacher - Bedarfsartikel' replace an earlier sign and 'Leder' was kept to save on paint?

Location: Pfarrstraße, Aue, Sachsen / Pictures taken in December 2009

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helen said...

Nice finds on a lovely old building.