Monday, 2 April 2012

Mondial Oil, Cognac

Lubricating oils, greases and other by-products manufacturer and importer Mondial-Oil was founded on 14th March 1929. The forerunners of this French company were the Etablissements A. Moruchon et A. Dumet, fom La Rochelle. In spite of the global pretence of its name, Mondial-Oil operated essentially in southwest France. The refinery was located in La Pallice, just outside La Rochelle. From there lubricants were dispatched to depots in Bordeaux and Nantes. The company also had an office in Paris, where it was registered, although it seemed to have been run from the Bordeaux offices on Quai Deschamps.
There is very little information available about Mondial-Oil (quite frustrating really). By the late 1950s the company was seeking a licensing agreement with a US firm for manufacture in France of a US line of lubricants and by-products. I have not found whether Mondial Oil was successful in its search nor what happened to it after 1962, when the name appeared in a publication of the US Department of Trade.

Marque déposée
L'assurance du moteur
huiles et graisses
En vente ici
<--- Garage G. Poulon ...

[Registered Trademark
The Motor's Insurance
Lubricating Oils and Greases
Available Here At
<--- Garage G. Poulon ...

Most of this ghost sign used to be covered by a hoarding. This explains its good state of preservation. Unfortunately the part that was not hidden has badly faded, including the French cockerel that stood on the globe. Only its feet are still visible nowadays. You can get an idea of what it would originally have looked like by checking this enamel plate.

Another ghost sign was originally painted on this wall. A few letters can still be seen here and there but not enough to identify the product or company it advertised.

However the name of the advertising agency responsible for this wall is still visible in the lower right-hand corner.

F. Lafond

Location: Rue Claude Boucher, Cognac, Charente / Picture taken in June 2010 and January 2011

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