Monday, 23 April 2012

Royal Society for the Blind, Exeter

For a few days I was unable to connect but the problem seems to have been sorted and I am now ready to resume work and head towards the 1000th post. This benchmark may still be far away but I should have enough pictures to make it, starting with a whole series of ghost signs and mosaics spotted in southeast Devon during the Easter weekend.

This series, which will include some real gems, starts behind Exeter Cathedral with this ghost sign for the Royal Society for the Blind. In spite of its grand name, there is virtually nothing about this charity on the web. There are different regional organisations by this name but the name of the town or city they are based in is usually attached to them. However it seems Exeter did not have 'its own' charity for the blind and support and services in the area were provided by the Bristol Royal Society for the Blind. Founded in 1793, it became after more than 200 years part of the Royal National Institute for Blind People.

Royal Society
For the

Although it is quite small, the signature of the sign writer is clearly visible.

Bush Signs

Location: Palace Gate, Exeter, Devon / Pictures taken in April 2012

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