Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Removals, Thornton Heath

Relatively few ghost signs include an illustration, which makes the one below in Thornton Heath all the more special.

Most of this ghost sign has faded but the central part was certainly hidden behind a hoarding for a while, hence its much better state.

Unfortunately I haven't found any information that could be relevant and tell us more about this ghost sign. [Furniture?] Repository
Removals to all Parts by
Road ...

In the central part of the sign, the painter has represented a fairly typical horse-drawn furniture van, known as a pantechnicon, from the 19th century. Only the horses are missing. It is very similar to the one that appears on William Francis Freelove's drawing of such a van.

To all Parts
George Coe's
Furniture Van

Location: High Street / Pictures taken in August 2012

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