Thursday, 4 October 2012

J. J. Fuller, Acton

This ghost sign, by the former London & South Western Railway line (now the North London Line) between Gunnersbury and South Acton stations, is becoming less and less visible as the holly and the hedge grow higher and thicker every year.

All the mentions of a builder by the name of J. J. Fuller established in Acton I found date from 1908 and 1909. In 1908, The Electrical Engineer informed its readers J. J. Fuller had built six houses in Brentford and six in Barnes. The houses in Barnes are also mentioned in Electrical Engineering and The Electrical Review but while the former gives Fuller's address as 63, Ivy Crescent, Chiswick, the latter gives it as 14, Temple Road, Acton Green. This was certainly a mistake since 63, Ivy Crescent is the address printed in The Builder in 1909. This time J. J. Fuller had built five houses and three shops in Brentford as well as a billiard room at the rear of the Conservative Club at 264, High Street, Brentford.

J. J. Fuller
63, Ivy Crescent
Acton Green
Phone 070.. ... [*]

*: the first digit covers part of the 'E.'

The digits of the phone number make it look more recent than it actually is. Nowadays this would be the beginning of a mobile phone number. However it seems there were only five digits painted (possible 07018), followed by some more text. Since this number would have predated the introduction of the Director system in the 1920s, one should not expect to find the three letter code for the telephone exchange followed by digits, a format fairly common on ghost signs.

Location: off Bollo Lane / Picture taken in July 2011


Heathcliff said...

JJ Fuller was my late father's cousin. I remember this sign very well indeed, best seen from the train. JJ built a lot more than 5 houses in Brentford. he built street, churches etc. etc. There are many JJ stories!

I would very much like to have a copy of your photo to put with my other JJ photos. I appreciate your photo is copyright, but of course, the sign itself is not.

Thank you for posting this - Yvonne Fearnley (nee Fuller)

Sebastien Ardouin said...

No Problem. If you give me an email address I could send you a larger version of the photo.