Friday, 15 March 2013

Hovis, Dulwich

On a dull winter day I was walking through Dulwich village towards the Dulwich Picture Gallery when I noticed an off-white rectangle on a brick wall. As expected, this turned out to be a ghost sign. This one once advertised a bakery, where bread was made using Hovis flour. While the baker provided the space on the wall, Hovis paid for the sign and its upkeep.

The name of the baker has faded too much to be able to identify it and a quick search online did not provide any satisfying result. Once I have more time I may go and have a look at the local library.

The presence of the tilde on the 'O' of Hovis indicates this sign was certainly painted between the 1920s and 1950s. Such a spelling appears on several Hovis ghost signs found in Tonbridge, Tooting (in the original version of the sign), Islington, Guildford, Clapham, and Battersea, published earlier on this blog.
Maker of

Location: Dulwich Village / Pictures taken in March 2013

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