Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hartcraft, Bethnal Green

This ghost sign just off Hackney Road must have reappeared fairly recently.

I have not found any information about Hartcraft. The only mention seems to be in a 1935 catalogue of British Industries Fair but there is no online preview of this document. At least the date fits with the style of the lettering of the more recent and flamboyant sign, which covered an earlier one that listed a greater range of activities.

The earlier sign read

... ...on..
Cabinet Makers
Upholsterers &
Chair Frame Makers

As for the more recent ghost sign, it reads


Great Art Deco lettering! Shame though that the upper part of this ghost sign was painted over.

Location: Minerva Street / Pictures taken in May 2013


helen said...

great find

Andy Freedman said...

Hartcraft was a business belonging to my Great Great grandparents, and later Great Uncle. Please email me if you'd like further details.