Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wholesale and for exportation, Bethnal Green

If I discovered a new ghost sign while walking recently along Hackney Road (see yesterday's post), I also noticed that one had disappeared. As it was an overcast day I thought I could take a better picture than last year, when there was a strong contrast between the part of the wall in the shade and the part in the sun. However this was not to be: in November 2012 street artists Cept, BRK and SNOE painted a large mural on this wall and in the process covered the ghost sign.

Wholesale And For Exportation

The mural painted in November 2012. With such an explosion of colours and so much action going on, the street certainly does not looks dull!

With the name of the upper part the ghost sign missing, it is virtually impossible to tell which company was being advertised there. Unless someone remembers what the hidden part was or has a photo showing the whole sign. An online search revealed that the premises were once occupied by William Henry Bull, a leather merchant trading from various addresses in London, who was declared bankrupt in 1861, and by T. J. Orange & Sons Ltd, a furniture maker incorporated in 1946. Yet there must have been several firms at this address between the 1860s and the 1940s. It is also poosible, but less likely, that this ghost sign signalled to the passing public another company whose premises would have been further down Hassard Street, such as J. Jarvis, wholesale and export manufacturer and patentee of gentlemen's and ladies' lawn tennis and yachting shoes, based in the early 20th century at number 50.


And For


Location: Hassard Street / Pictures taken in March 2012 and May 2013

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