Monday, 17 June 2013

Haircut, Ababi

If I had stopped each time I saw a hand painted sign in Bali, I wouldn't have had time to enjoy the amazing scenery, the fascinating temples or to sample the delicious food. Like in other countries of the region, their density is extremely high indeed. Still I managed to photograph some while passing, including this one in Ababi, a small village just above the water palace and rice terraces of Tirtagangga in the eastern part of the island.
It was relatively easy to guess this sign advertised the services of a hairdresser. First there was the pair of scissors and "rambut" reminded me of "rambutan", the delicious fruit with a hairy skin. Once back home I could check in the dictionary and found that "potong rambut" means "haircut". "Hairdresser" would have been "penata rambut".
The second line of the sign tells the opening time. "Buka" means "open" and "siang" refers to the part of the day that corresponds to the late morning and early afternoon, roughly between 11:30am and 3:00pm (in Indonesia, the day is divided between "pagi", "siang", "sore", "malam", and "tidur").

Potong rambut
Buka siang
Open 11:30am - 3:00pm

Location: Ababi, Bali, Indonesia / Picture taken in May 2013

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