Friday, 21 June 2013

Sunlight soap and J. G. Chaddock, Weymouth

In a small street away from Weymouth's popular seafront is a very faded ghost sign for Lever Brothers' best selling product: Sunlight soap.

This is not the first time Sunight soap features on this blog and some information about the company and its product can be found alongside the ghost signs seen in Battersea and Upper Clapton.

Additional Sunlight ghost signs published so far include those from Willesden, Highbury, and Ravenscourt Park.

Largest Sales in the World

Sunlight soap was available at J. G. Chaddock's grocery store. Chaddock certainly allowed Lever Brothers to advertise its product on the wall above his shop and in return got his name and business added below. This kind of arrangement was similar to the one between Hovis and some bakers.

J. G. Chaddock
Family Grocer

Location: Turton Street, Weymouth, Dorset / Pictures taken in May 2011

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