Thursday, 1 August 2013

Warung Makan, Ubud

With temperatures soaring in the UK today, I thought this painted sign for cold drinks would be quite appropriate.

In Indonesia and Malaysia, a warung is a family-owned business. The term often applies to small shops that sell cigarettes, candy, bottled drinks and a few basic products, to cafes, or to restaurants. At this warung in Penestanan, a hamlet just to the west of Ubud, Bali's "cultural capital", there was certainly more than just cold drinks on offer. Indeed makan (litterally "to eat" or "eating") would suggest some food of some sort was also available, maybe some bakso ayam (chicken noodle soup), some nasi goreng (fried rice), or some mie goreng (fried noodles).

Cold Drink

Location: Penestanan, Ubud, Bali / Pictures taken in June 2013

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