Saturday, 24 June 2017

B. K. Dental Shop, Kathmandu

The area around Bangemudha, at the junction of Chandramn Singh Marg and Chittadhar Marg in Kathmandu, is home to several dentists and associated dental businesses, who often advertise their services with a characteristic smile. Their concentration in this part of the city is explained by the presence on the small square of the shrine to Vaisha Dev, the Newari toothache god, and therefore of potential customers. The shrine consists of a large log (Bangemudha means "Crooked Tree" and was the name of the legendary tree the log was cut from), which is completely hidden underneath thick layers of coins nailed into it. These coins have been placed by people seeking the god's help to cure toothaches.

B. K. Dental Shop 

The shrine to Vaisha Dev at Bangemudha

Location: Banghemudha, Kathmandu

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