Monday, 26 June 2017

Protect Arable Land for the Benefit of the Children, Xizhou, China

This week features a series of painted signs from Xizhou, a small town in the province of Yunnan, China, famous for its well preserved Bai architecture. As can be expected in China, advertising, political slogans, and various pieces of public information can be found on the walls.

The slogan below reminds people of the importance of preserving agricultural land for future generations. The sentence first appeared in official publications in the early 2010s and highlights one of China's growing problems: the increasing pollution of its land and water resources, and the ensuing challenge to feed its population.

保护耕地, 造福子孙!
[Protect Arable Land for the Benefit of the Children!]

Location: Xizhou, Yunnan, China

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