Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Rand & Son, Lymington

After weeks of interruption it is now time to bring this blog back to life with a picture taken on a lovely and warm day spent enjoying autumnal colours in the New Forest and a bit of fresh sea air in Lymington. While walking through the centre of the little town I spotted several painted signs including this large one for a local draper.
Rand & Son
General Drapers
Ladies & Children

Traces of an earlier sign can still be spotted.

Location: High Street, Lymington, Hampshire / Picture taken on: 17/10/2009

While visiting Dresden, Meissen and a few other places in Saxony over the Christmas period, and looking at their wonderful medieval, baroque and Art Nouveau (or rather Jugendstil) architecure, I came across around sixty ghost signs. In many cases only the name and nature of the business was written above the door and front windows, but a couple were a bit more elaborate. I shall post some at a later date...

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