Friday, 2 July 2010

Sea fishing, Poole

For a hardened fisherman like Ernest Hemingway the prospect of being out at sea to catch only sea bass may not have been particularly enticing, but for those who fancy something less sportive than trying to catch an 18-foot marlin like Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea, this small business in Poole may offer the perfect outing.

Sea Fishing
Family's Welcome...
Charters / Individuals.
Bait Supplied
Rods & Tackle For Hire.
And For Sale
Deep Sea
Book Here Now! or.. Phone Poole 679666

Under the 'Deep Sea' bubble is the signature of the sign writer:
Steve Parris

The US writer committed suicide forty-nine years ago today, hence this sign.

Location: The Quay, Poole, Dorset / Picture taken on: 26/07/2008

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