Friday, 24 June 2011

Konica Minolta, Istanbul (and its electric counterpart, Beijing)

Even though I didn't see many painted signs in Istanbul (about one a day on average over one week, but that includes a couple of real gems!), I spotted the first one shortly after arriving in the city, while on my way to the hotel from the Eminönü pier. By then it was dark but a couple of days later I passed there again just as the buildings nearby were about to cast a shadow on it.
The location chosen for this Konica Minolta sign was not surprising: the streets near the northern end of Ankara Caddesi (Avenue) are full of shops selling cameras and photographic equipment.

Konica Minolta

A combination of poor quality paint and local weather conditions make this sign look older than it is. Indeed Konica Minolta was only formed in 2003 when the two Japanese companies Konica and Minolta merged. In 2006, after heavy financial losses, the corporation announced it was selling its camera business to Sony and from then on was concentrating on its products for businesses rather than for the general public.

The new company's logo is an updated version of the Minolta logo unveiled in 1981. By then there were only four lines instead of five across the 'Globe Mark' that took the place of the letter 'O' on the cameras' body.

Location: Ankara Caddesi, Eminönü, Istanbul / Pictures taken on: 14/06/2011

This fading sign in Istanbul was a far cry from the bright electric sign that dominates the corner of Wangfujing Dajie, Beijing's main shopping street, and Dong'anmen Dajie in the centre of the Chinese capital.

Location: Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng Disctrict, Beijing / Picture taken on: 07/09/2009

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