Monday, 20 June 2011

Royalty rackets, Brixton

The start of the Wimbledon fortnight gives me the perfect opportunity to post a ghost sign promoting a tennis racket manufacturer. However contrary to the advert for En Tout Cas, which was strategically placed between Southfields station and the tennis courts, this one is nowhere near SW19. It was painted on the premises occupied by H. E. Hayward and Co, whose leading brand was Royalty Rackets.
I doubt this was a very successful company. The only document available online in which it is mentioned is a 1950 issue of The Builder, in which we learn that consent has be given to alter H. E. Hayward's building. Was any Royalty Racket ever used by a player at Wimbledon? Maybe not.

H. E. Hayward & Co
Tennis Rackets
112E Brixton Hill

Location: Blenheim Gardens / Picture taken on 15/05/2011

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Sam Roberts said...

I suspect they'd be more likely found at Queen's Club...