Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thomas Moate's, Stratford

The sign writer has skilfully used the conduct of the chimney on the side of this house to frame this advertisement for Thomas Moate's clothing business.

Thomas Moate's
Mantle, Jacket,
Costume, Skirt & Fur Warehouse

Only very faint parts of letters can still be seen on the last two lines. The first one, and maybe the second one too, used the same font as "Dressmaking."

Moate's or Moates? Traces of black paint between the 'E' and the 'S', where there should only be either the white paint of the background or a red brick had the name been 'Moates', suggest there is an apostrophe. The fading dot seems to extend downward.

Location: Leytonstone Road / Pictures taken on: 15/05/2011

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