Wednesday, 20 July 2011

H. Callcut & Son, Finsbury Park

This ghost sign is in such a good state that one can wonder if it hasn't been restored. Of course the other possiblity is that it is rather recent. In any case, H. Callcut & Son doesn't seem to be trading at this address anymore.

H. Callcut & Son.
Roof & Drain
Sanitary Plumbing
Whitewashing &
General Repairs

The scroll on which Callcut is written is certainly unusual but I think a better effect would have been achieved if it hadn't been so perfectly symetrical. However the different letterings used to list Callcut's specialist work are particularly elegant. Together with the embellishing decorative lines, they really make the lower part of this ghost sign very special.

Location: Blackstock Road / Pictures taken on: 01/04/2008 and 06/04/2011


Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns) said...

They weren't trading when I used to walk past on my way to school in the late 1980s...

Nutmegger Workshop said...

Great script samples here.

grumpyoldman said...

The present sign is an enhanced version of one that was there previously, advertising the Callcut business. The old one was very faded. I took a black-and-white photo of it in February 1981, which is somewhere in our attic - will try to find it :-)