Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Brymay, Acton

Construction on the site of the former Acton tram depot is progressing and very soon the Brymay sign below will disappear.

The design of this post-WW2 ghost sign for Bryant & May, the country's leading manufacturer of matches, is virtually similar to the one in New Cross.


Although the upper part has now faded too much, one can assume the slogan "British Matches For British Homes" stood above the Brymay logo.

Location: Uxbridge Road / Picture taken on: 11/07/2011


Thomas Humber said...

There is also a similar BRYMAY wall sign adjacent No 2 building, near 190 Bus station, 22 Earl's Court Road
(Lat. 51 deg 29' 14.82" N. 0 Deg 11' 50.15" W elev 29 M.)
- sadly I cannot add any photo here.

Sebastien Ardouin said...

I think you mean Lillie Road rather than Earls Court Road. The hoarding that hid most of it came down a few months ago indeed.