Saturday, 16 July 2011

Local Arms China, Kingston

Here is a most intriguing sign, or rather name: "Local Arms China". What could that have been? A souvenir shop maybe, as "Picture Postcards" could suggest? I once headed to the local library, hoping to find a mention or a picture of that particular shop, but I had to give up after going through the whole local history shelf. So here I am, still scatching my head everytime I'm Kingston and pass in front of this building. If anyone could help, that would be most appreciated. Otherwise I'll go bold very soon!

Picture Postcards
Local Arms China

Location: Clarence Street / Picture taken on: 08/09/2008


CarolineLD said...

Souvenirs with the coat of arms of the relevant town or city were very popular: there are masses of them around. (Goss were one of the main manufacturers.) Often they were small: miniature vases in various shapes, little cups, etc. Presumably 'local arms china' refers to those souvenir items?

Sebastien Ardouin said...

I guess you may be right. Thank you very much for your contribution Caroline.

peter rabbit said...

I recently purchased a small and very tatty display cabinet.It has written on the front "Local Arms China" (at the top )And at the bottom,"Models of Ancient Pottery" Is this of any use or interest to you?