Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dorking Aerated, Dorking

With the second line of this ghost sign missing -and possibly more- the nature of the business advertised on this wall remains a mystery. What could be "aerated"? My first thought was bread -because of the Aerated Bread Company- but since it is painted on what looks like an industrial building, I don't think this was the case. Aerated water? Aerated concrete? Whenever I'm in Dorking, it's at the end of a walk through the beautiful Surrey Hills and by then the local museum is closed. Maybe one day I should pass there before heading for the countryside and check if they don't have any information about this ghost sign.

Dorking Aerated

Location: Ranmore Road, Dorking, Surrey / Picture taken on: 27/02/2011

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Anonymous said...

Genes Reunited identifies it, via the Surrey Mirror of 1884, as: "THE DORKING AERATED & MINERAL WATERS COMPANY (LIMITED), RANMORE ROAD, DORKING, AERATED WATERS AND BEVERAGES the purest and best description, at the lowest prices, consistent with quality and general..."

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