Saturday, 6 August 2011

T. Harry, Stoke Newington

I don't have much to tell about T. Harry's business. Were these depositories used mainly by individuals or by the many industries that opened along Manor Road from the end of the 19th century? Over the years these included, among others, a drain pipe manufacturer, jam manufacturers (including D. Politi's company, which in the 1920s began making apparently good Turkish Delights), a large number of clothing manufacturers (including the London Shirt and Collar Dressing Co), several garages, a printer, and makers of cycles and umbrellas.
Although this ghost sign is very simple, it displays a rather unusual abbreviation: "Ces."

T. Harry & Ces

Location: Manor Road / Picture taken on: 01/04/2008

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Sam Roberts said...

I believe the building is currently a film/location studio. I was told it's where Dragon's Den get filmed.