Friday, 26 August 2011

Garage, Tonnay-Charente

Yesterday, before catching a plane back to London, I stopped in the little town of Tonnay-Charente, on the northern bank of, you've guessed it, the River Charente. As I walked through the quiet streets I discovered several ghost signs, including the ones below, which may not be with us for much longer. As stated on the notice displayed on the door, this former garage has been bought and will be converted into flats. I doubt the property developers will keep these painted signs on the façade.

Garage de l'Hotel de Ville

Since this garage was located exactly in front of the townhall, its owners didn't have to search for too long for a name.

The paint is cracking nicely and in spite of the passing of time the blue hasn't lost its depth. A lovely sign!

Even though the last letters of the ghost sign between the shutters have disappeared (they must have been painted on the shutter), one can easily recognise the logo of Cofran. Cofran lubricants have been manufactured since 1936 and the company is now one of the the world leading independent lubricant manufacturer.

Slightly more difficult to read was Automobiles, painted between the first and the second floors.

Location: Rue Alsace-Lorraine, Tonnay-Charente, Charente-Maritime / Pictures taken on: 25/08/2011

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