Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Philips, Istanbul

Even though this advert for the Dutch multinational Philips was painted in a small street, it can be glimpsed from Istiklal Caddesi (at least by my mum - thanks for pointing it to me!), Istanbul's most famous avenue located in the Beyoğlu district.
This painted sign must date from the mid-1980s as the only document with the same slogan available on the net is a Philishave advert printed in June 1985 in the Turkish daily newspaper Milliyet. At that time each department within each of Philips's national subsidiaries was responsible for advertising and marketing campaigns. Thus several ran simultaneously and with different slogans. This came to an end in the mid-1990s when Philips launched its first global campaign under the slogan "Let's make things better."

Philips alın. Gelecegi yaşayın
[Get Philips, Experience the Future]

Since my Turkish is non-existent, I am not absolutely sure about the translation.

Location: Taksim Caddesi, Beyoğlu, Istanbul / Picture taken on: 17/06/2011

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