Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hair cutting and shaving saloon, St Margarets

From far away, this hundred-year-old ghost sign can easily be missed. However from closer several letters and words can be spotted. They tell us that this residential dwelling was once a hair cutting and shaving saloon. Back then, this row of houses near the junction with Beaconsfield Road was home to several tradesmen, including a greengrocer, a boot maker, and a picture frame maker.

The part of this ghost sign with the name of the hairdresser is slightly difficult to read. It looks as if it was painted twice, what could indicate that ownership of the saloon changed at some point. However I managed to decipher only the name of the first hairdresser: C. Wilson. This is confirmed by the 1914 edition of Kelly's Directory of Middlesex, which list a Charles Wilson, hair dresser, at 146 Amyand Park Road.

C. Wilson's
Hair Cutting
Shaving Saloon

Location: Amyand Park Road / Pictures taken in February 2010


Howard said...

Well spotted Sebastien. I live near here and have never spotted this sign!

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Thanks Howard. I was intrigued by this patch of black paint but I must admit I didn't think much of it at first sight.