Thursday, 4 July 2013

Jacks, Battersea

Here are a couple of ghost signs left by two of the businesses that traded at 65 Falcon Road, near Clapham Junction station (actually regular traces of paint could suggest there was a third ghost sign on this wall).

One ghost sign was advertising Max Bridge's jewellery shop. In common with many of his colleagues, Bridge was not only a jeweller but also a clockmaker. Max Bridge opened his shop before the First World War. His name appears in the 1914 edition of the Post Office Directory (and later in the 1919 edition). He certainly took over a jewellery shop previously run by George Law. Law's name and profession are mentioned in the 1911 edition of the Directory indeed. It seems Max Bridge's real name was Morduch Bregman but he adopted an Anglicized version to run his business. In April 1922 he changed officially his name to Max Bridge.

Famous For Clothes
Famous Clocks

The other ghost sign promoted Jacks's or Jack's clothes shop. Unfortunately I have not found any information about it. I cannot even tell whether this second ghost sign was painted before or after Bridge's sign.

Location: Falcon Road / Picturs taken in July 2012

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